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The Scottish Widows Parish Walk

Start time: 8 am on 26 June 2010

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Roger Black has fifteen major Championship medals including European, Commonwealth, and World Championship Gold medals but now he has a new challenge - the 2010 Scottish Widows Parish Walk

Sign here: Roger Black, who is to compete in the Scottish Widows Parish Walk on 26 June, signs for race director Raymond Cox.

He is not planning to go very far, sprinters don't like long distances although he did complete the 2000 London Marathon, but the 1996 Olympic Games silver medallist, will be among the starters on 26 June. On the 29 March he visited the Isle of Man, on behalf of Scottish Widows, and he was interviewed for the parishwalk.com website.

At the conclusion of his motivational presentation he chaired a question and answer session with a variety of local specialists

Roger Black shares his medals with Clerical Medical Managing Director Dean Waddingham. Also pictured are the panel from the seminar at which Roger spoke. Left to right, Allan Callow (coach), Ray Cox (race director), Sue Biggart (former winner), Gianni Epifani (sports development officer) and Steve Partington (6 times Commonwealth Games athlete).

Watch highlights from the question and answer session.

Speed men: Mark Hempsall, Michael George, Dave Mackey & Jock Waddington with Roger Black who won't be going much further than his normal distance.

Visit Roger's own website - he doesn't mention the Parish Walk yet!

Watch the whole of that famous 1991 4 x 400 metres relay.

Committee member Karen Kneale, who for many years had to type the details of all entrants into the computer (before the online entry system) is pictured with Roger Black.

Roger Black's achievements

Source en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Black


Listen to his tips


Shining brightly: Mo Kelly (wearing Roger's 1996 Olympic Games silver  medal) and Ingrid Sugden

How Roger bacame Doctor Black - the easy way


In the limelight: Bridget Kaneen is usually too busy working behind the scenes to be caught by the camera. You can share the limelight with Roger Black on 26 June - you might even beat him!

Group photo: Clerical Medical's 2008 Parish Walk finisher Martin Malone meets Scottish Widows' Roger Black. Clerical Medical and Scottish Widows are both part of the Lloyds Banking Group.

Personal thanks - it was a big experience for Robbie Lambden to go to the AAA Championships in 2002 and to be photographed with Roger Black was a bonus long cherished. I'm sure that there will be lots more to thank him for on 26 June.

Murray Lambden - 12 April 2010

Photos and video by Murray Lambden.

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Elizabeth Corran (race secretary)

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