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Book travel to the Isle of Man for the Manx Telecom Parish Walk

Important notice

You must read (and be sure you understand) all of the rules before you enter the 2015 Manx Telecom Parish Walk. If you do not agree with the rules and information you should not enter. Once you have entered there will be no refund of entry fees under any circumstances and your entry is not transferable to any other person. If you fail to comply with the rules you may be disqualified without warning from the 2015 and subsequent Manx Telecom Parish Walks. If you require clarity on any of the rules you should contact Elizabeth Corran (race secretary) at least one month before the entry deadline on 10 May 2015. The organisers reserve the right to cancel the event, vary or shorten the course or introduce any additional rules that are deemed by the organisers to be necessary for the safety and enjoyment of the walkers.


Key dates & times


Date Time Event

1 December 2014

00:00 Entries open
31 January 2014 23:59 £5 discount for Manx Telecom customers ends
24 February 2015 17:00

Strictly Parish seminar at Keyll Darree, Nobles Hospital  (see training page)

11 May 2015 23:59 Entries close
18 June 2015 17:30 Registration at the National Sports Centre (until 20:30)
19 June 2015 17:30

Registration at the National Sports Centre (until 20:30)

20 June 2015 08:00 Walk starts
21 June 2015 08:00 Walk ends
23 June 2015 19:00 Prize presentation at Villa Marina


What you receive for your entry

By entering the 2015 Manx Telecom Parish Walk you have the opportunity to walk on the famous 85 mile Parish Walk course around each of the Isle of Man's parishes, including roads closed to the general public. Provided you reach Santon, you will receive a certificate to recognise your achievement (available at the prize presentation or posted to you) and the time taken to reach each church is recorded on an electronic timing system displayed on the internet and may also be transmitted to two mobile phone numbers nominated by you.  All entrants will receive a high quality sports shirt on the registration nights which is designed by six times Commonwealth Games walker Steve Partington. All full course finishers receive a finishers award with additional prizes for individuals and teams. Refreshments are provided during the first half of the course and at the prize presentation to which all walkers (and their friends and families) are invited. All entrants receive a free programme at registration (it will also be available to download in advance).

Thousands of man hours are provided by volunteers to make this all possible and neither the committee who work all year round to plan the event nor the hundreds of helpers on the day are paid - in fact they pay their own expenses. After meeting the costs of staging the event, which are considerably reduced by Manx Telecom's sponsorship, any profit is retained by Manx Harriers who maintain their clubhouse and promote or participate in many other events at considerable expense for the good health of the Manx population. Other than if you chose to order copies of photos (where the profit goes to charity) you are very welcome to access everything on this site without charge.





The open walk is over the 85 mile course and competitors must be aged 21 years  and over  on the day of the walk. There will be an additional Ladies prize list. To be classified as a finisher, the walk must be completed in a time of not more than 24 hours.



The race for those aged a minimum of 18 and under 21 years on the day of the walk is to Peel, a distance of 32.5 miles. There will be separate prizes for Ladies and Men.



The overall team race is for teams of 4 walkers and cannot include more than 2 walkers who have previously completed the full 85 miles. All 4 walkers’ distance walked to count and the team with the most miles will be deemed the winner. In the event of a tie on mileage then the fastest aggregate time for the 4 walkers will determine the winner. There will be a separate prize list for teams of 4 ladies.



The Corporate Challenge is for teams of 4 walkers who are all bone fide employees of the same Isle of Man based company. Teams may include no more than 1 previous finisher. All 4 walkers’ distance walked to count and the team with the most miles will be deemed the winner. In the event of a tie on mileage the fastest aggregate time for the 4 walkers will determine the winner. 



The Under 21 team race is for teams of 3. All 3 walkers’ distance walked to count and the team with the most miles will be deemed the winner. In the event of a tie on mileage then the fastest aggregate time for the 3 walkers will determine the winner. There will be separate prizes for mens’ and ladies’ teams.



No competitor may be in more than one team.





No running or jogging is allowed. The race is organised under IAAF rules of race walking. This event will be judged as a Category B Race and Rule 230 interpreted accordingly.  The use of poles and any artificial aids are prohibited.



Pacing i.e. an attendant driving, walking or cycling with a competitor is not allowed. Pacing will result in time penalties or disqualification. Attendants must walk behind competitors when supplying drinks etc.



Race numbers must be unaltered and displayed front and back on the outer layer of clothing above waist height at all times and must not be obscured by waterproofs or rucksacks. After Ballaugh, for walkers safety rucksacks are not permitted as they obscure the reflective bib.



The route must be followed as laid down by the organisers and all officials and marshals instructions are to be obeyed.



Competitors must wear light coloured clothing and a bib that displays significant reflective material when worn with a number. For competitors safety the wearing of headphones is not recommended. Competitors must walk on the right hand side of the road facing oncoming traffic except where indicated by signs or directed by marshals or signs, crossing the road at junctions, where a footpath exists on the left hand side only and on Douglas Promenade.  After 22.00 walkers must wear an illuminated light source that is visible from front and rear.



Only one support vehicle per entrant is permitted on restricted roads. Camper vans and larger vehicles will not be permitted on closed roads.  Support vehicles must display a race number. No parking and giving assistance to walkers is prohibited along the No Stopping  Zones as designated on the route description. All forms of support vehicles must obey road traffic orders.



Competitors continuing beyond Ballaugh must be individually accompanied by an attendant in a car. The sharing of a support car is not permitted. Attendants must wear hi-viz reflective clothing.



If the time limit for arrival at a check point is exceeded, then the competitor may be asked to retire by a race referee. All retirees must report to officials at a checkpoint. If they stop en route then report to the next church along the course. Failure to report will mean omission from the final results. All timing chips are to be returned within 14 days. Failure to do this will incur a £25 penalty that will be taken from your payment card.



The race referees have the absolute power to withdraw any competitor deemed to be physically unfit to continue. A certificate of medical fitness may be requested by the race referees prior to the event.



The Committee reserve the right to cancel or alter the race. The organisers will not be liable nor responsible in any way whatsoever for any bodily injury or damage to property arising out of the race.



All entries must be made before 23.59 on May 10th 2015. All team members must be entered as individuals. Entries are not transferable and refunds will not be given.



Photographs and entry data may be used for promotional purposes.



Time penalties will be imposed for any infringements of the above rules, excluding Rule

1st Infringement -15 minutes

2nd Infringement – 45 minutes

3rd Infringement- Disqualification

These time penalties will be added to the race time at the conclusion of the race. In the event that the penalties added take the total time over the 24 hour limit, then that competitor will not be classified as a finisher. 




Failure to comply with road safety regulations will lead to disqualification without warning.

Race walking rules

The Manx Telecom Parish Walk is held under IAAF rules.

Rule 230 Definition of Race Walking: Race walking is a progression of steps so taken that the walker makes contact with the ground, so that no visible (to the human eye) loss of contact occurs. The advancing leg shall be straightened (i.e. not bent at the knee) from the moment of first contact with the ground until the vertical upright position.

The event is held with a Race Walking Association Category B permit which allows the judging rules to be relaxed with only the contact part of IAAF rule 230 being applied.

Judges will where ever possible issue a caution by way of showing an athlete a yellow paddle / card if it is felt that the athlete is like to break the rules of race walking. Athletes who receive multiple yellow cards may be subject to disqualification. Given the nature / logistics of the event, i.e. point to point, judges can disqualify an athlete without a prior warning having been issued where it is felt that the athlete is obviously not complying with the rules.

All competitors will be judged equally under the rules.

Pace making not permitted

When attending walkers supporters are only permitted to do so for as long as it takes to pass over refreshments and must walk behind the competitor wearing their reflective bib. They must not pace or assist walkers, even by walking behind them, other than when supplying food and drink. Time penalties will be applied for breaking the pace making rules.

Awards list 2015


Overall Winner:  I.O.M. Parish Walk Cup, presented by: Manx A.A.C.

Best Lady Finisher: Boundary Harriers Cup, presented by Boundary Harriers

Best Finish by Local Newcomer: Millennium Shield, presented by Ray Hughes

Most Improved Performance: MSM Trophy, presented by Craig Hodgson

Under 21 Men - Winner to Peel: Parish Walk Junior Trophy, presented by Murray Lambden

Under 21 Ladies - winner to Peel: John Quilliam Cup, presented in memory of John Quilliam

Overall Team Winner: Boundary Harriers Cup, presented by Boundary Harriers A.C.

Ladies Team Winner: Castletown Ale Drinkers Bowl, presented by: The Castletown Ale Drinkers Society.

Merit Award: Presented by Manx Telecom

Route description

Google map of the course (thanks to Kevin Deakes for the Google map)

National Sports Centre - The race starts from the National Sports Centre at 08.00. The start is on the start line of the track. Do one lap of the track and then leave through the marathon gates. Turn left and proceed around the perimeter roadway. Turn right onto the main road and proceed to the TT Access Road. Proceed along the TT Access Road to the Braddan Hills Estate. Turn right down Braddan School Road to the main Peel road at Braddan Bridge. Turn right and proceed to Braddan Church.

Braddan Church -  (1.5 miles: Race leader about 08.15 - times based upon 2012 record times) Do not cross the road here to the church for safety reasons. Remain on the right hand side of the road and continue along the A1 through Union Mills to Glen Vine. Marown Church is on the left on the main road. The A1 between Union Mills and Crosby will be closed to traffic between 08.20 and 09.20. Drivers are advised to drive south from Douglas after the start along the A5 road via Richmond Hill and turn left onto Oatlands Road, although the stopping zone here will be extremely busy and it is better for walkers to use the feed stations provided and not have a car in attendance for as long as possible.

Marown Church - (4 miles: 08.38) Cross the road on the instructions of the marshals only. This is a very busy road and please obey the directions of the race officials. Touch the church door and proceed in the reverse direction on the right hand side of the road. Turn right onto the Glen Darragh Road towards the Braaid cross-roads. The Glen Darragh Road will be one-way for race traffic and cars are permitted to park along the left hand side. At the Braaid mini roundabout go straight ahead on the A26 towards St. Marks. After 400m turn left onto the Cleaynagh Road signposted Newtown. This part of the route is a no stopping zone. Follow this road until it joins the main Douglas to Castletown road. The Cleaghagh Road will be closed for cars. Support drivers are advised to take an alternative route to the Oatlands Road. Turn right and proceed past the former Lancashire Hotel on the right. This is another no stopping zone. Cross the main road with extreme caution and one when instructed to do so by race marshals. Turn left on to the Oatlands road at the next junction. The Oatlands Road will be one-way and race supporters and advised to park on the left hand side. Continue along this road until the junction with Old Castletown Road (A25). Turn right onto the A25 towards Ballasalla. Continue on this road until a junction with Church Road, signposted Santon Church. Turn left and continue down this road to the church on the right.

Santon Church - (11 miles: 09.46) Touch the church gate in single file to facilitate the timekeepers. Retrace your steps to the Old Castletown Road (A25) and turn left. Walk to the Blackboards where the A25 joins the A5. At the junction with the main Douglas to Castletown road (A5) turn left. At the next junction turn right onto the Orrisdale Road (B37). This road will be closed and race support drivers are advised to drive south through Ballasalla and use the Ballabeg Road (A7) for parking. At the next junction turn left onto the St. Marks to Ballasalla Road (A26) and follow this to Ballasalla. This part of the route is a no stopping zone. Turn right onto the Ballabeg Road (A7). This road will be one-way for race traffic. At the Cross Four Ways turn left and continue to Malew Church on the right.

Malew Church - (15 miles: 10.23) Touch the far gate of the church. Retrace your steps and turn left at the Cross Four Ways and head along the A7 towards Ballabeg. Turn right at the “T” junction in Ballabeg towards Port Erin. After approximately 1/4 mile on leaving the village is Arbory Church on the right.

Arbory Church - (17 miles: 10.42) Continue along the main road through Colby towards Port Erin. At the Ballakillowey roundabout turn left onto the A29 towards Port St. Mary. Rushen Church is on the right.

Rushen Church  - (19 miles: 11.08) Touch the church gate and retrace your steps to the roundabout. Continue straight across and take the A36 towards Peel. Walk up the mountain road past the Sloc. At the top turn left at the Round Table cross roads onto the A27 towards Dalby. Continue through Dalby to Glen Maye and onto Patrick. In Patrick turn right to Patrick Church on the A30.

Patrick Church  - (30 1/2 miles: 13.01) Touch the church gate and retrace your steps to the junction and turn right towards Peel on the A27. Continue into Peel along the Glenfaba Road. At the stop sign proceed straight onto Patrick Street and Market Place. Turn right at the former Peel Castle Hotel onto Douglas Street. Turn left onto Michael Street and along to Atholl Place junction. Proceed straight onto Derby Road to the check in at the Peel Town Hall.

St. German's Church - (32 1/2 miles: 13.17) There is no church check-in at Peel. The check-in is at the Town Hall and this marks the end of the Under 21 men's and Under 21 ladies classes. Walkers continuing past this point should take the second left turn onto Church Street, then right onto Peveril Road and continue along the A3 coast road towards Kirk Michael. At the junction with the TT course turn left into Kirk Michael village. Continue through the village until reaching the church on the left.

Kirk Michael Church - (39 miles: 14.22) Touch the wooden gate and proceed out the village along the A3 towards Ballaugh. After crossing Ballaugh Bridge turn left opposite the Raven pub onto the A10 towards Ballaugh Church and Jurby. Ballaugh Church is on the right approximately 1/4 mile along this road.

Ballaugh Church - (42 miles: 14.52) Continue along the A10 towards Jurby, keeping to the left at the small junction by a grass triangle. Continue past Ballaugh Old Church on the right and bear left at the next junction along the A10 towards Jurby. On the approach to Jurby turn left at the telephone box and take the road signposted Jurby Church Only. Jurby Church is at the end of this road.

Jurby Church - (45 miles: 15.26) Touch the gate and turn down the road to the junction with the A10. Turn left and continue through Jurby leaving the airfield on the right. Take the A10 towards The Lhen and Bride. Turn left at the “Y” junction at the top of the hill leaving the Lhen and remain on the A10 towards Bride. At the stop sign at Smeale turn left and continue on the A10 for Bride. This road is deceptively long!

Bride Church - (52 1/2 miles: 16.43) Bride Church is central to the village. Touch the church gate on the right and proceed up the hill towards Ramsey (A10). At the top of the hill turn right and follow the sign for Andreas (A17). Continue along this road, the Burma Road, until you reach a roundabout. Proceed straight through this and continue into Andreas village. At the “T” junction turn left towards Ramsey along the A9. After approximately 100 metres turn right onto the gravel road leading to Andreas Church. This road is approximately 1/4 mile long and should be walked with care as it is unmade and uneven.

Andreas Church - (55 1/2 miles: 17.16) Touch the church gate and retrace your steps. Turn left onto the main road and continue through the village passing the Grosvenor Hotel on your right. Take the A17 towards Sulby. Continue straight through the crossroads at St. Judes and remain on the A17 until you come to Sulby Bridge. Bear left at the junction and head towards Ramsey along the TT course (A3). Continue along the A3 to Lezayre. You will need to keep a sharp look out for the slip road leading to the church which is 2 miles beyond Sulby Bridge. Turn right onto this slip road and Lezayre Church is on the left.

Lezayre Church - (61 1/2 miles: 18.26) Touch the church gates and continue down the slip road to rejoin the main road (A3) towards Ramsey. Use the footpath along this road as it will be dark and the cars may travel along here at great speed despite the speed limits that will be imposed for the walk. Continue into Ramsey and on reaching Parliament Square turn right. Bear left and go past Raymotors Garage on the left. At the next junction turn left onto the A2 towards Douglas. Continue along Albert Road, Waterloo Road, Stanley Mount West and leave Ramsey on the A2 towards Laxey. Cross the tramlines and continue up the hill. Turn left onto the A15 signposted for Maughold. Cross the tramlines again and continue straight along this road to Maughold village. The church is directly in front of you as you enter the village.

Maughold Church - (67 miles: 19.23) Touch the church gate and bear left along the A15 towards Laxey. Climb the hill towards Ballajora and bear left at the top and take the A12 towards Hibernia. Continue along this road until the junction with the main A2 road at the Hibernia. Turn left and head along the A2 towards Laxey. Continue through Glen Mona and the Dhoon and enter Laxey village. Go through the village and exit up the hill on the A2 towards Baldrine. At the top of the hill go past Fairy Cottage and take the right turn onto Church Road (B12) signposted Creg ny Baa and Lonan Parish Church. After 70 metres turn left along the B12 and continue to Lonan Parish Church.

Lonan Church - (78 1/2 miles: 21.35) Touch the second church gate and retrace your steps back along the B12 to the main road. Turn right onto the A2 to Douglas. Continue through Baldrine village and head towards Onchan. Ignore the turn off signposted Lonan Old Church and continue to Onchan Village on the A2. Opposite the Onchan Library turn left onto Church Road signposted St. Peters Church. This is a one way street for vehicles and supporters are advised not to drive their cars down this road. After 1/4 mile the church is on the right.

Onchan Church - (83 miles: 22.20) Retrace your steps after touching the gate and rejoin the main road, turn left. At the traffic lights turn left onto Royal Avenue. At the top of the glen bear left and follow the road down to Port Jack. Turn right onto the Promenade and walk on the sea side of the promenade to the finish at the War Memorial, opposite the Villa Marina Arcade / Sefton Hotel.

Finish - (85 miles: 22.42)



Time limits

  • Santon - 11.30
  • Rushen 13.35
  • Peel - 17.00 *
  • Kirk Michael - 19.00
  • Ballaugh - 19.50
  • Jurby - 20.45
  • Bride - 22.50
  • Andreas - 23.45
  • Lezayre - 01.25
  • Maughold - 02.50
  • Lonan - 06.05
  • Finish - 08.00

*Peel will remain open until 18.00 for finishers only.



Feeding stations

  • Marown School

  • Glen Darragh Road (on Braaid crossroads end)

  • Clannagh Road (on New Castletown Road end)

  • Santon Church

  • Orrisdale Road (on St Marks Road end)

  • Ballasalla (former site of Poachers Pocket)

  • Malew Church

  • Cross Four Ways (on Rushen side)

  • Arbory Church

  • Rushen Church

  • Sloc (at Cronk ny Arrey Laa)

  • Round Table crossroads

  • Dalby village

  • (site of former) Ballacallin Hotel

  • Glen Maye exit (on Patrick side)

  • Junction of Patrick Road and Glen Rushen Road

  • Peel – Phillip Christian Centre

  • Lower Ballakaighen on the Kirk Michael Road



  • The start - National Sports Centre
  • Marown School car park
  • Cleaynagh Road
  • The former Old Lancashire Hotel, Santon
  • Santon Church Road
  • Orrisdale Road
  • Ballasalla - Malew Commissioners
  • Malew Church
  • Arbory Church
  • Ballakillowey roundabout
  • Bottom of Sloc
  • Round Table
  • Dalby Village
  • Patrick
  • Peel Town Hall
  • Lower Ballakaighen Farm, Kirk Michael
  • Kirk Michael, Mitre Hotel
  • Kirk Michael village
  • Ballaugh village
  • Jurby Church
  • Bride village
  • Andreas village and Church
  • Maughold village
  • Laxey village
  • Port Jack
  • The finish


Manx Telecom Timing

In 2007 Manx Telecom with their partners SPORTident automated the timing for the Parish Walk and also added an innovative texting service for friends and family. This will used for the ninth year in 2015 together with the additional service introduced by Manx Telecom in 2008 allowing you to check out the race progress online via a PC or mobile phone.

Friends and family texting service - This is free service from Manx Telecom. To use the service you need to enter your supporters’ two mobile phone numbers at the time of entering or by updating your entry by 20:30 on Friday 19 June. If you do not have access to the internet you can do this at Event Registration. Your two nominated supporters will receive a text from Manx Telecom when you reach each parish church giving details of: Name of Walker; Location Reached; Time at the Location

Follow the race online via your PC or mobile phone - As an alternative to following the race results at parishwalk.com Manx Telecom and SPORTident added a facility in 2008 which allowed race followers to see the progress of each walker, or the race, online via a computer or mobile phone*. Just type in mt.im/parishwalk .

*Your phone needs to be capable of accessing the internet and set up to do this. If you need help, visit the Manx Telecom shop in Strand Street in Douglas and Manx Telecom will set your phone up. You can also phone the for help on 624624.

At registration, each competitor will be allocated a wristband/ timing card.  The timing card will be attached loosely to your wrist using the wristband, with the tip of the timing card pointing towards your fingers. It is best to use the wrist that has not got a watchstrap on it. You will wear the wristband/ timing card from the time you register until you complete the event. They are soft and gentle on the skin and you can shower or bathe while wearing them.

A demonstration checkpoint will be present at registration which you can use to familiarise yourself with the recording process. You dip the tip of the timing card into a cylindrical hole in an electronic box at each parish church and at the finish. You should see a visible flash and hear an audible beep. This confirms that the location and time have been recorded. The process is very quick and there should be no congestion or delay at any of the checkpoints.

After you have finished, proceed (under no time pressure) to the officials where the card will read for a time record and then cut off your wrist. You will be provided with a printout showing the time recorded at each church and at the finish (if you reach it).

If you lose of break your wristband/ timing card, it will unfortunately be necessary to make a charge of £25 to cover the cost and you may not be allowed to participate in future events or to provide you with your times at each church.

If you retire from the event, you or your supporters must hand in your wristband/ timing card at the next Parish Church. This is an essential safety requirement and allows the most accurate competitor information to be transmitted.

If you register but do not take part in the race, you must return your wristband/ timing card to an official at the Start/Finish or at a checkpoint.



Registration is again at the National Sports Centre in Douglas on Thursday 18 June and Friday 19 June between 17.30 and 20.30. Here you will pick up your race numbers, a number for your support vehicle to display, timing wristband/ timing card and your high quality sports shirt with its unique design thanks to six times Commonwealth Games walker Steve Partington. To speed up the registration process, please ensure that you know your race number (you will receive an email confirming the final instructions and race numbers will also available here). You will not be able to compete in the Manx Telecom Parish Walk unless you register and if you are unable to attend in person you must arrange for someone to do so for you.



If you have any doubts about your health and fitness you should seek medical advice before starting the Parish Walk.  If you withdraw after registration you must return your wristband/ timing chip. Race entry fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.


The start

The walk starts on the athletics track at the National Sports Centre (NSC) at 08.00 on Saturday 20 June 2015.  Provided that you have entered and registered, please turn up in plenty of time.  Toilet facilities are available. Wherever possible, arrange to be dropped off outside the NSC, walk to the start or use public transport.  There will be no parking facilities at the outside part of the NSC. There will be very limited car parking facilities at the inside part of the NSC (off Groves Road) but cars should not be left there after the start. There is also a limited amount of pay and display parking at the Bowl car park on the Douglas side of the NSC.


Numbers and clothing

You must wear both numbers, front and back, above waist height and clearly visible (including the sponsors' names) at all times. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. You may wish to pin the numbers to a singlet or bib which can be worn above a variety of different tops. Be prepared to change your outer clothing during the race as weather conditions frequently vary throughout the race. In recent years disposable numbers have been used so there is no need to return them as in older years. Please do not confuse the numbers which are provided for display in an attendant's car with your race numbers (which are waterproof).


Road safety

Competitors must walk on the right hand side of the road, facing oncoming traffic at all times, except in the following circumstances:where directed by marshals,

• when crossing the road at road junctions,

• where a footpath exists on the left hand side of the road

• on Douglas promenade.

Competitors must wear white clothing and a reflective bib above the waist at all times. Competitors must wear a reflective bib above the waist at all times and after 22.00 walkers must display an illuminated light source (visible from both front and back) in addition to an adequate reflective bib.

Remind your attendants to wear reflective clothing.

Time penalties will be applied for breaking the road safety rules.


Retirees must report to officials at the church they stop at or if en-route, then at the next checkpoint and hand their wristband/ timing chip to the officials. Failure to report will mean omission from the final results. If the time limit for arrival at a church is exceeded, then the competitor may be asked to retire by the race referee.

Time penalties may be added to the race time at the conclusion of the race. In the event that the penalties added take the total time over the 24 hour limit, then that competitor will not be classified as a finisher.

The race referees have the absolute power to withdraw any competitor deemed to be physically unfit to continue.

Car drivers

Do you really need to follow your walker before Peel? There are plenty of drinks available along the course and walkers can also carry small back packs with waterproof clothes and essential supplies. Remember also that you can follow the progress of walkers online at parishwalk.com or via Manx Telecom's text service. One option is to stay at home on standby and ask your walker to telephone you if they develop a problem.

If you do follow a walker around the course then please:

1. Display the walker's number on your car.

2. Do not drive alongside a walker or otherwise drive in a way that is disruptive or dangerous to other drivers. Follow the Highway Code the same as you should when you are driving at any other time.

3. Take particular care when choosing where to stop. Drive a little further than you might like to ensure that you are safe.

4. Use your hazard warning lights.

5. Wear high viability clothing (you must wear a reflective bib beyond Peel).

6. Rather than driving along the course, consider the use of alterative roads to get to your next stopping point (take a map with you or use your smartphone to access the Googlemap).

7. Do you really need to stop as often as some supporters do? The walkers have probably trained over long distances without any cars for support.

8. Respect private property and hedges along the course.

9. Do not litter the countryside.

10. Particularly at night time, please do not make excessive noise outside private houses (not everyone wants to stay up all night for the Parish Walk).

These are the “No Stopping Zones”:

• On the A1 Peel Road from Braddan Bridge to Union Mills.

• On the A26 St Marks Road between the Braaid Roundabout and the turn off for the Cleaynagh Road.

• On the Castletown Road from the junction with the Cleaynagh Road to the junction with the Oatlands Road.

• On the Castletown Road from the junction with the Old Castletown Road to the junction with the Orrisdale Road.

• On the St Marks to Ballasalla Road from the junction with the Orrisdale Road to Ballasalla.

The following roads are one way only and, subject to the normal precautions about safety, are suitable for parking:

• The Glen Darragh Road

• The Oatlands Road

• The Old Castletown Road

• The Ballasalla to Ballabeg Road

• Malew Road

• Church Road, Rushen

• The Sloc Road

• Eairy Cushlin to Dalby

• The Dalby Road

• A2 Laxey to Douglas Road at the junction with the B12 (Church Road)

Only one support vehicle is permitted per competitor on the closed roads. Camper vans or larger vehicles are not recommended and support vehicles must display race numbers.

In contrast to the desire to limit the number of supporting vehicles in the early stages, walkers continuing beyond Peel must have a support vehicle in attendance. The requirement to wear a reflective bib will be rigidly enforced and bibs will be on sale at the check-in.

Time penalties will be applied to the walker if their attendants do not follow these rules.

Roads closed


• A1 from Union Mills to Crosby closed to ALL traffic 08.20 to 09.20, Drivers should get on to the Glen Darragh Road before 08.20 or else miss out on this section of the course and head south to Oatlands Road / Old Castletown Road (preferred)

• The Cleaynagh Road

• The Orrisdale Road

• Derby Road, Peel

If you don't know where these roads are use the Googlemap, a conventional map or just ask someone in good time before the event! A full list of road closures and restrictions are listed (to be added).

Traffic at Rushen Church

Maps by Winston Liu (chief marshal).



Since 1990 the achievements of previous finishers have been recognised through the use of a form of seeding that allows the finishers to walk with the lowest of the race numbers.

Although the organisers spend a good deal of time adding to the basic information provided on the entry information, the system partially relies on the competitors themselves highlighting that they are a previous finisher. It might seem obvious when you look at the names but the organisers are looking at 1,700 names.

In recent years lists of entrants to date have been published regularly and updated on parishwalk.com and this will repeated this year. The lists will split entrants between a) previous finishers; b) other previous entrants; and c) first time entrants. It would be helpful if you could contact Murray Lambden with any corrections to this data which is extracted from the databases published on the Statistics page.

It helps all the volunteers who give up their time to organise the event if you can enter as early as possible. Although the seeding is a matter of pride to some entrants, the grouping of previous entrants among the low numbers is only for information and does not imply that the organisers expect the walkers to finish in a particular order.









Time limits





The start





Car drivers

Road closures

Rushen Church




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